C.N.C Punch Machine While Working

C.N.C technology is one of the advanced Technology used for cutting and forming metal sheets and plates. Charta Talie Sanat with its 3 units AMADA C.N.C punch cutting machine and 8 units AMADA C.N.C press break machines, has the ability to provide different type of sheet metal forming and fabrication processes demanded by our customers.

At Chatra Talie Sanat, we provide precision CNC punching services with a focus on small, large and heavy components for original equipment manufacturers. We provide CNC punching for components that are part of everything from electronic assemblies and Computer Cases to Kitchen Accessories and laboratory testing equipment.

Amada Pega 367 Turrent Punch

How CNC Punch Presses Works :

  • The CNC machine is basically programmed to move a sheet of metal in an x and y direction so as to accurately position the sheet under the machine’s punching ram ready to punch. The processing range for most CNC punch presses is 0.5mm to 6.0mm thick in a range of materials including steel, zinc, galv, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • A typical CNC turret punch has a choice of up to 60 tools in a "turret" that can be rotated to bring any tool to the punching position. A simple shape (e.g., a square, circle, or hexagon) is cut directly from the sheet. A complex shape can be cut out by making many square or rounded cuts around the perimeter. As a press tool requires a matching punch and die set, there are two corresponding turrets, above and below the bed, for punch and die. These two turrets must rotate in precise synchronisation and with their alignment carefully maintained.
  • The choice of hole punched can be as simple as a circle or rectangle right through to special shapes to suit a specific cut out design. By using a combination of single hits and overlapping geometries, complex sheet metal component shapes can be produced. The machine may also punch 3D forms such as dimples, and electrical knockouts etc on either side of the sheet.

Some of the advantages using Charta’s CNC Punch Services include:

  • CNC Punching machines have lower capital cost than lasers and they do not use electric power to nearly the same extent (nor do they have the need for various cutting gases).
  • Ability of Producing complex 3D characteristics precisely on sheet metal, making counter-sunk or extruded holes, louvers.
  • CNC punch presses can process shiny sheet metals like brass, aluminum etc. faster than Laser Cut machines.
  • CNC punch presesss are faster for those times when your projects require repeated shapes (circles, triangles, squares) from a wide variety of stock material and a fast turnaround.
  • CNC Punch Process is Fast and accurate over and over again without variation.
CNC Punched Sheet Metal