Company History

Chatra Factory Outdoor View

Chatra Talie Sanat founded in 2006 by Mr. Ahmad Tahmasbi under the name Chatra Engineering Industries and began its activity in manufacturing metal artifacts such as racks, and metal boxes and cabinets used in electronics, telecommunication, computing, medical, fuel & energy and banking industries.

In 2010 it changes its legal status to limited company which is registered in company registration general office of Tehran with registration No. 529.

Enterprise Management, professional personnel, research and development, usage of latest technologies in production line, and high grade Support provide basis for our success and customer satisfaction.

Chatra is working diligently to achieve its corporate mission of creating delighted customers by improving the manageability, availability and performance through the rapid delivery of innovative solutions to real customer problems.

Besides of our regular products which is standard 19” racks, rack accessories, and battery cabinets, Chatra Talie Sanat provides high quality sheet metal fabrication services and capability to manufacture different types of enclousers to its customers with different industry fields listed underneath:

Chatra Manufacturing Space


  • Engineering & Design Service
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Service
  • C.N.C Press Punching Service
  • C.N.C Press Bending Service
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating Service


  • Any type of steel and aluminum boxes
  • Any type of Server and network enclosures
  • Any type of indoor and outdoor cabinets
  • Any Type of Electrical Cabinets
  • Any Type of Battery Cabinets
  • Any Type of Rackmount Cases and sub racks
  • Any Type of Fuel Dispensers Badies
  • Any Type of Compressor Bodies
  • Any type of ATM and TVM, and Safety Boxes
  • Any type of Bank Kiosks, and Information Kiosks